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Criminologist Assesses Sarah Ferguson on Prince Andrew's Alleged Sex Scandal | The Meredith Vie...

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, is one of the few people who speaks publicly in a positive manner about Prince Andrew. This is a December 2019 medicare a appearance just after the Duke of York’s car crash interview on the BBC. The interviewer asked her about Prince Andrew’s Epstein allegation. Her language is so strong. Watch this short segment. So I asked my friend Bee, who is a criminologist and studied deception through the FBI, whether she thought Sarah Ferguson was truthful. “She shows deception. She doesn’t answer the question, which was “what was your feeling,” she said. “Fergie just goes straight into a rehearsed speech about how great he is, so great she divorced him.” Bee said she was 100 percent certain Fergie had rehearsed her lines because she’s so robotic. “She's got a lot to lose in this situation. “ If this thing was going to blow up, all her financial stufft with Epstein will come out. So is this high stakes for Fergie too. Is she desperat
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Falling down the Twitter’s Jeffrey Epstein rabbit hole.

Hello fellow #EpsteinDidNotKillHimself truth seekers, it's Jen, the short one of the duo that brings you The Prince and the Pervert Podcast. I've been busy reading up on all the main players in the Epstein case, but I thought it was time to update you on one of the crucial resources we use to find news stories, and some great conspiracies, i t's Twitter and it's a goldmine.  So much info is being shared over there, and that’s what we love about Twitter, people share, they don’t hoard information. Some of the theories are, well crazy, but there's some great links to old news stories.  Despite being on the bottom of the planet and in completely different time zones to most of those following the Epstein child sex trafficking case, we can always find someone awake on Twitter to chat to. So if you are on Twitter you can find us tweeting at @lisaltait and @ohreallytruly . Keep an eye out for the various #hashtags such as #JizzStain for Ghisla

Story Cowles Epstein’s Great Pal

Cowles (pictured) with Epstein Enforcer, Sarah Kellen/Vickers/Bonk/Kensington There’s one name in the Epstein case which does not get enough attention - the tale of his assistant and Sarah Kellen’s flatmate and BFF.  What does the man, Story Cowles, know about the Epstein conspiracy? A lot, according to visitor logs from the dead pervert’s prison visit records. According to CNBC: “  No one visited Epstein more than Story Cowles, who was reportedly his personal assistant. Cowles visited Epstein nearly 130 times. At times, Cowles signed in as a paralegal. His online profile says that he is currently an investment banker at Tobin & Co.  His name was mentioned on Florida court documents from the days of the immunity deal.”  Here  are more details from The Daily Mail:  “One source told that Epstein was using his assistant Story Cowles to serve as his emissary at this time, and prison records obtained by do show that the young man visit

Epstein News: Prince Andrew & Ghislaine Maxwell Stop Running Now!

Where are you, Ghislaine Maxwell? The thing about being Australian is we have no nuclear weapons & zero representation on the United Nations Security Council but we can fry your with our mirth. The Jeffrey Epstein, Prince & the Pervert podcasters, Lisa & Jen,  decided they needed to do something about this criminal conspiracy because law enforcement does not seem to be doing anything of significance. How are we doing it? We are taking the piss out of Andrew and Ghislaine, aka #JizzStain.  We’ve heard Epstein’s right hand woman, Maxwell, has a huge ego, so she may not like what we do. But we live in a world where we have free choice, unlike the young girls she recruited and abused.  So thanks to the designs of a wonderful listener, we have a Threadless store. Yay!  All proceeds go to charities supporting sex trafficking and we’ve only made $6 so far, so please order away. Imagine all the hand sanitiser you could fit in the Prince Andrew tote bag

Jeffrey Epstein’s Ghislaine Maxwell is Wanted!

A wonderful design by a listener of the Prince and the Pervert Podcast  As listeners of the podcast may be aware, we are fed up with the authorities not being able to find Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell, #JizzStain. So we might as well do it ourselves because we don’t think law enforcements in the UK, France or the USA are trying too hard. Here’s what we brainstormed about Operation #JizzStain, a few weeks ago, on The Prince & The Pervert podcast: “We want to put wanted posters on Instagram. What we need to do is get some billboards outside in places. We think she's been in London.  “Okay, so we're probably looking at Israel. We'll hit the UK and we're looking at the U. S. A.” Plus more, let’s put Maxwell’s face on a food delivery motorcycle’s rear compartment, after all Prince Andrew has a bus with his picture.  Prince Andrew’s bus #JizzStain The podcasters said: “So I was thinking we need to get those food deli

Epstein News: Weinstein. Epstein. We all scream for justice.

Jeffrey Epstein was a Serial child sex offender. He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances. He committed his crimes out in the open many people knew of his illegal Behavior. So who were these enablers and will the women who were violated as children get Justice?  Just a reminder about this podcast the content can be disturbing.  Hello. And welcome to the Prince and the Pervert podcast. I'm Lisa Tait and I'm Jen Tarren.How are you? Jen? Pretty good today. It's an exciting morning. There's a lot of stuff happening. Never a dull moment. Is there what - today's a bit of a party day. I suppose for a lot of people. Yes, we've got the news that Weinstein has been found guilty and we're recording maybe about an hour after he was removed from the court. Epstein News: Prince Andrew’s Woes & Peter Nygard’s Sex Island continues  Yes, in shackles, you're saying and I've heard reports we haven't been out of back this up

Peter Nygard Images are Disappearing from the Web

Peter Nygard walks two dogs with a blue parrot on his arm Lisa & Jen wanted to review Peter Nygard’s appearances on the 1992 season of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. But overnight the video disappeared, along with his corporate website. 🙀 All that remains are thumbnails. But don’t fear we watched all 46minutes of the YouTube video and we took notes. Who is Peter Nygard? We call him Epstein 2.0.  He is also friends with Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, as shown in the images below. Here are more details of  the allegation s about  Peter Nygard, he “allegedly told girls as young as 14 he could make them models before raping them and forcing them into performing 'deviant acts'.” This is the second association Prince Andrew and Ferguson have fostered with someone who has been up on child sex charges. The first was Jeffrey Epstein. How does this keep happening to the disgraced Duke of York? (Rhetorical) An even stranger